What’s With All This Hype about Cryptokitties?

Everyone has been talking about Cryptokitties lately. But many of you out there may have absolutely no idea what that really is. So let’s cover some of the basics right up front here.

What exactly are Cryptokitties?

Well, Cryptokitties is a new phenomenon, and is basically a blockchain-based virtual game. In the game, players are able to adopt, trade, and raise virtual kitties. Yes, little virtual cats! Created by a Vancouver-based blockchain company called Axiom Zen, what is important to remember about this game is that it is the first known use of DAPP for recreation and leisure.

And the sales have been off the chain, no pun intended. People have spent literally millions of dollars buying these little virtual pets. There have been reports of people who have made more money trading their little friends than with IRA investments. I mean, that is just phenomenal!

A Game Using a Genetic Algorithm?

This concept is just mind blowing to me. You probably learned at least a little bit about genetics in a high school biology class, if not further studies along the way right? Well, each kitty has a 256-bit unique genome code! So, essentially, these little virtual creatures actually have DNA!

The genetic algorithm is a way of optimizing and solving problems of nonlinear optimization. Basically, it works the same way that real life genetics works. Where genes inside our body are represented by biological and chemical factors, the genetic algorithm consists of numbers and computations.

This is some of what creates all of the hype surrounding this interesting and amazing new creation. There are so many things that go into creating it and making it seem more realistic and lifelike that it is impossible to pin down information about it in one post.

Some may think this is a fad that will die out, but with the sales numbers and the amount that people are earning just in the trading aspect, combined with everything that has gone into this game, it seems like Cryptokitties are here to stay.

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