What’s a “CryptoKitty?”

You may have heard some buzz over the past few years about cryptocurrencies- Bitcoin, Ether, and others. It’s probably fair to say that much of the general population has only a vague understanding of these currencies, how they work, and what might make one more desirable than the others. In fact, the mystique surrounding these cryptocurrencies can make the act of getting involved in cryptocurrency can seem extremely daunting- there’s a perceived intellectual and educational barrier to entry that can thwart the uninitiated from even thinking of approaching anything with the prefix “crypto” in front of it.

If you’re among those terrified to even think the word “crypto,” fear not- CrypoKitties may be able to change that.
On the surface, CryptoKitties seems like little more than a virtual game, combining assets of various monster breeding video games with various other “virtual pet” type games. The premise behind the actual gameplay is pretty straightforward- adopt kitties, raise kitties, trade kitties, and even breed kitties all in the virtual world.

Doesn’t seem too daunting so far, right?

A fascinating aspect about CryptoKitties, and a facet that adds to the fun of CryptoKitties, is that every CryptoKitty is unique- there are no two alike. You might remember that we mentioned earlier that breeding CryptoKitties is part of the gameplay- this is where the individuality of every kitty comes into play. Whenever players breed their CryptoKitties, those kitties may pass on some of their individual traits. Not unlike pets here in the real world, players will often engage in breeding their kitties to try and pass on the most desirable traits.

So now you might be wondering what all of this has to do with cryptocurrencies. We’re talking about virtual cats- how do kitties have anything to do with cryptocurrencies?
One word: Blockchain.

While the word “Blockchain” might sound completely foreign to you, don’t let it frighten you- we’ll discuss what Blockchain, Crypokitties, and cryptocurrencies have in common soon!

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