New Traits Make the Future of CryptoKitties

CryptoKitties is a constantly evolving game. Every new kitty brings along the chance for new traits, introducing entirely new elements into the game. And with many cattributes only discovered by breeding with certain combinations, the only way to find them is to keep playing. There have been many new traits discovered in late January, and each of them is making CryptoKitties a much more viable game for the foreseeable future.


New Traits?

So what are these new cattributes? Among others, there have been:


-Apricot: New trait used to make Turtleback pattern.

-Camo: A camouflage color pattern. Color spots on the kitty’s paws, shoulders, tail, and head.

-Koala: A pattern color. Full grey coat. Mutation of Aquamarine and Nachocheez.

-Nachocheez: New trait used to make Koala pattern.

-Onyx: A new pattern color. Full black coat.

-Trioculus: Three-eyed kitties!

-Turtleback: mutation of Apricot and Lilac. A new pattern color.

-Wasntme: New trait, what it combines with isn’t known at the time of writing.


Some of the cattrtibutes are base, meaning they aren’t specifically bred to get them. Others require a specific combination to get that trait in the offspring. Given how new some of them are, we still don’t know how many new traits will come from breeding the newly discovered traits. And there are more being discovered all the time, meaning even more combinations to figure out.


But What About Overbreeding?

One of the biggest worries some people have about each new trait is overbreeding. Once a new trait combination is discovered, everyone who can will be breeding it. A worry like that is valid, but it ignores many variables of the game. For one, there are a lot of new traits being discovered. The most valued kitties with the new traits (and desired traits in general) are at lower generation numbers. Tier 3 mutations are especially hard to get and as such are coveted.

Traits like Royalblue, Mainecoon, and Wingtips are all Tier 3 mutations, meaning they require mutations of mutated traits. So you have to breed for specific traits that then breed those traits together for the penultimate rare trait. It requires a great deal of strategy and luck. Traits like Onyx and Seafoam are similarly hard to get. It’s worth noting that once a kitty has the coveted trait, it can pass that trait on to its offspring like any other trait. Thus, the value sits higher with earlier generations.

With the constant influx of new traits, there’s always something new to focus on. Not to mention, already established traits are needed to find new combinations. Overbreeding isn’t that big of a threat so long as new Gen 0 kitties are being released. To put it simply, the most desired things are all attractive.


What is Attractive?

Rarity makes a kitty wanted, but so do aesthetics. Gen 0 kitties are desired for their being new and unbred. Plus, there is a cap of the number of them. Once the last is released, there won’t be any more. Low generation cats with higher tier mutations are also desired. Fancy Cats are harder to breed and maintain their rarity longer because of it. The highest tier of rarity would be completely exclusive cats, like Genesis, the very first CryptoKitty, and others such as Bug Cats. These exclusive kitties can’t be bred, so their rareness will never diminish.


Keeping it New Keeps it Alive

New traits are what keeps CryptoKitties interesting. Each new cattribute discovered in an entirely new variable added to the game. They’re almost like mini DLC packs. Keeping the game fresh with a constant influx of new content means things don’t stagnate. There’s always a hook of finding out what’s new and getting it for yourself. So long as this spirit stays alive, CryptoKitties will have a bright future.

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