Making Money with CryptoKitties


CryptoKitties has been making waves in the world of cryptocurrency. It’s the first of its kind, a video game running on a blockchain (the Ethereum blockchain, specifically). With it showing proof of concept, other games are also being released, some more and some less like CyptoKitties. But regardless of which game, the idea of making a profit is a core aspect of the game. It’s basically a stock market with cute cats instead of indexes, so people seeking profit isn’t a surprise. Here’s a guide on some of the various ways to turn a profit in CryptoKitties.

Before You Start

Before getting started, make sure you can cross off this checklist:

-You have a MetaMask wallet and your CryptoKitties account linked to it

-Enough ETH in your wallet to cover costs

-At least two Kitties


Making Money

A question on many people’s minds while they’re playing the game is whether money can be made. The short answer? Yes! There are three basic ways of making money with your Kitties: breed, sire, or hold.



To breed your Kitties, you need to own at least two. Once you do, it’s a pretty straightforward process.

When breeding, there’s a few things to keep in mind:

Know the Costs

There is a set breeding fee. You pay this fee in ETH every time you breed your kitties. Every time you put a kitty in the marketplace, you pay a fee to list it. Everything you do in CryptoKitties has a cost. So spend wisely. In that same vein, be careful about Gas Price. If you can pick up on the right level to adjust your Gas to, you can save a fortune in transaction fees.

Go for the Low Generations

Every kitty has a value. Lower generation numbers usually mean higher value. This varies based on traits and other factors, but lower generations mean more kitties bred and faster cooldowns. Higher gen numbers mean less interest from other players and less ETH for you when you go to sell.

Rare Traits Don’t Always Stay That Way

There are a lot of new traits being discovered in the game. Some of these are hard to get and start off rare, but the excitement of newness means constant breeding to get that new trait. The more difficult a trait is to breed, the longer it will stay rare. Multi-generation traits are the rarest. Make sure a rare trait won’t be common in a day before spending hard earned ETH on breeding for it. Faster breeding Kitties are the best when going for rare traits. You can get more Kitties more quickly. Remember that the timer is on the Kitty acting as the mother, so switch up who plays the mother role to make your cooldowns take longer and your Kitties faster.




If you have a Kitty without high value traits, you can always just sell it. But you can also put that Kitty up as a sire. Instead of selling your Kitty, someone buys the right to breed with your kitty. They keep the offspring and you get some passive ETH in your wallet. This can be a way to break even or turn a profit on normal or non-rare Kitties. Once they’ve sired a few offspring, then you can sell the Kitty itself on the marketplace to recoup any last amount of profit. That gives you a way to make money off lower value kitties without a loss. Just don’t put the Kitty’s price too high. Every time you put a Kitty on the marketplace, you pay a little ETH. Having to put the same cat up for sale multiple times cuts into your profits.




The last method involves finding high value cats that will hold their value and increase over time. It requires some luck to find the right Kitty to hold, but they can have excellent returns.

Gen 0 kitties are usually pretty good. A new Gen 0 is released every 15 minutes and they can be the key to finding new traits. If your Gen 0 has a trait needed for a new combination, the price skyrockets. Sell quickly before the hype dies down and you’ll see a great return. Kitties with new traits are usually very good sellers right when the trait is discovered. But you need to be quick; once the initial excitement of newness goes down, the price drops too.

The Vampire Kitty.

Rare cats are also excellent cats to hold. Fancy cats are unique Kitties that look cool, such as the Ninja Kitties or Vampire Kitty. They take effort to breed and sell well. If you can breed one, you’ll have plenty of buyers who want it. Fancy cats are some of the most popular kitties. Keeping lower generation Fancies will net you the highest return on them.


My Own Tips

These are a few things I keep in mind when breeding. I don’t claim them to be perfect, but I’ve made a pretty consistent profit since playing the game.

-Earlier generations generally cost more but sell better. Single digit Generations (0-9) sell better than 10 and up. Some traits are rare or wanted enough that high Gen numbers still sell well.

-Buy Kitties with the fastest cooldown you can (without overpaying). Faster cooldowns mean more offspring, which means more profit. Sell them once their cooldown has slowed down but not at the point where no one else would want them. Plodding is usually a good time to sell.

-When selling Kitties that have no rare traits, don’t set the price too high. Having to put them up for sale again costs more ETH, meaning less profit. Remember, it’s better to break even than take a loss!



Wrapping Up

Making money in CryptoKitties isn’t that hard, but making a lot takes effort, smarts, and a bit of luck. Like any investment, you put some in now and get some back later. Watch the trends and play smart, and you could end up with a tidy sum of ETH for all the Kitties you sell. One lucky guy made $100,000 off one kitty. You might not get that much, but there’s still plenty of ETH to be made in CryptoKitties. Good luck!


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