Learning Blockchain and Genetics with Cryptokitties

So You Say You Do not Understand Blockchain


What if you could learn about it from a bunch of virtual kitty cats?

Since there is no centralized organization in existence for all of the kitties, and of course the entire system is tracked on a ledger to prevent fraud, the founders of Cryptokitties have stated that it may be an easy way to learn about and understand blockchain tech.

You know, the idea of what is just the drawing of a cat selling for upwards of $100,000 might just wholly floor some people.  That is really not all there is to Cryptokitties, though, according to its founders.

Cryptokitties really is a lesson about blockchain and genetics, all wrapped up in a game.

Huh.  I never thought about that.

According to the founders, the cats do a great job of explaining blockchain to people, in a way that just reading about in a text format never could.

There being no central organization means that it really gets to the heart of blockchain. Moreover, when you make it something fun, you do not even realize that you are learning.  That may well be a big part of why Cryptokitties has been so successful.

One of the first things that people need to realize is that Cryptokitties is not actually a cryptocurrency but more of a cryptocollectible.  This is a differentiation that I do not think most people are making.  It makes use of the cryptocurrency, Ethereum, to fuel the transactions.  Currently, more than 6% of all Ethereum transactions are Cryptokitties related.


What About the Genetics

Well, you are breeding the cats.  People want to buy kitties with specific attributes, and that is what you try to produce when you spawn a new kitty.

Whether that be a kitty with a particular temperament or a specific appearance, that all comes from the breeding.  Moreover, that boils down to genetics when you think about it.  You are learning about these things in a hands-on, real-world example, in a sense.  Moreover, it makes a connection in your brain in a way that it could never have in any classroom just reading from a textbook in any genetics or microbiology class.

The game involves collecting illustrated cats with unique digital “genes” and then breeding them to perpetuate the specific desired genes, and then you can sell them to people who want cats with particular genes.  That is how you profit in the game. That in and of itself is a lesson in genetics, and possibly even a lesson in economics and supply and demand.


Bottom Line Conclusions

So now, even though this seems like just some bizarre thing where you are trading on something completely intangible (hey, at least you could hold a Pokemon card in your hard, right?), now you realize that it is also something that is educational.

Is your mind completely blown yet?  After all, you just started playing because, hey, it involved cryptocurrency and it made it fun, didn’t you?  However, isn’t it an awesome bonus that you get to learn something you did not know along the way?  I think most users will agree that this is a good thing.  I know I certainly do.

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