How to Sell CryptoKitties – Step-by-Step Guide

CryptoKitties is a collectable video game that runs on the Ethereum blockchain. After buying and breeding enough kitties, you’ll want to sell some of them eventually. Making money isn’t the ultimate point of CryptoKitties, but selling kitties is one of the easiest ways to make money in the game if you want to. Follow the steps below to see just how to sell your kitties. If you do it right, you can count on seeing ETH in your wallet pretty soon.

Before starting the guide, make sure you’re on a desktop or laptop. Have a MetaMask wallet connected to your CryptoKitties account as well. That’s where your ETH goes when buying or selling. You’ll also need at least one kitty to sell.


Steps to Sell CryptoKitties

1. Go to the CryptoKitties website and click on the “Start Meow” button.

2. If you’ve been on before and have your info saved, you’ll log in automatically. If not, just enter your login to the MetaMask extension. CryptoKitties signs you in through MetaMask. Once logged in, just refresh the page or open it in a new tab. Then you should be taken right to the “My Kitties” page.

3. Select the Kitty to sell and click on it. Click “Sell Kitty” on their info page.

4. Put in the needed information: the start price (beginning price), the end price (ending price), and duration (length of sale).

The price gradually ticks down until the sale ends. For example: with a beginning price of 1ETH, an end price of .5ETH, and duration of 2 days, the sale price would be .75ETH when one full day remains on the sale.

Click “Done” when you have everything put in.

5. MetaMask will prompt you to confirm the transaction. Make sure everything is put in correctly and then click “Submit.” It might take a bit to go through but keep trying. The network is a lot faster than it used to be but can get crowded occasionally.

You might also want to increase the GWEI to make your transaction go faster. Just watch out for the gas fee. Higher GWEI makes your transaction go through smoother, but you pay a little more in fees.

6. You should end up at your “Activity” page if the transaction is successful. There you’ll see a message that your sale has started. It can take the blockchain a little time to update and show the transaction. If you don’t see it right away, just check back in a while to be sure.

To validate the sale, you can do two things. First, click on the “View Details” button on the “Activity” page. That gives you the raw blockchain info. If successful, you’ll see “TxReceipt Status: Success.” Alternatively, just look under the “My Kitties” tab. If your kitty is on the market, you’ll see “For Sale” above the kitty with its current asking price.

7. The details of your kitty’s sale are also on its info page now. That’s a simple way to check on how your sale is going.

8. Now all you have to do is wait. If someone is interested in your kitty and decides to buy, you’ll receive an email. Once the transaction registers on the blockchain, you’ll receive the ETH in your MetaMask wallet.


What if No One Buys My Kitty?

If no one buys your kitty, don’t fret. You can put them up for sale again whenever you want. Make sure to put some thought into it though. Price competitively for the market and keep in mind what traits sell the best.

New traits are always desired right after they’re discovered. If you can get a kitty with those traits quickly, you can sell the kitty for a good price. If the trait requires multiple traits and breedings, that makes it that much more expensive. That’s the exciting part about CryptoKitties. With a constant stream of new traits and new combinations, the market is always active and changing.

Special cats are harder to come across, so their prices reflect that. Fancy cats are always desired, so they sell for high prices. Gen 0s are usually bought quickly, so those are a gamble. But if they have a good trait, they can make good returns in breeding with other kitties.

Alternatively to selling kitties, you can also sire a kitty. The buyer is able to breed with your kitty. They keep the offspring while you get a set amount of ETH. This is a viable strategy if you have a kitty with fast breeding times but regular traits that might not get a huge price.

Every transaction costs you ETH, so be smart and you can see some healthy returns. One kitty even sold for over $100,000!



That’s it. Selling your kitties is how you make money in CryptKitties. They’re a hot commodity in crypto right now, and who could blame them? It’s the first blockchain game and collecting cute cats is always fun. The excitement hasn’t died down and the playerbase is still growing. 2018 is the year of the CryptoKitty.


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