How to Buy Cryptokitties

First, You Want to Know what Cryptokitties is all about?

You’ve been hearing so much about Cryptokitties and you’re wondering what the heck is it? They are simply digital cool kitties residing on the Ethereum blockchain. You can buy, trade as well as breed digital kittens with your crptokitties account.

Every kittie is one of its kind and you have 100 percent ownership of it; there is no replication, and it can’t be taken away or destroyed. In essence, when you purchase cryptokitties – a digital kitten, it becomes yours for life because of the way the blockchain technology has been structured.

But, as mentioned earlier, the kittens possess wide range of features known as traits – and the rarity of some traits are in greater measure. As expected, majority of the breeders are attempting to breed rare cats because they are both cool and pricey. In fact, recently, a particular rare cat was sold for over one thousand dollars.

What are Cattributes?

It’s just the same as hinted earlier about the unique attributes of the cats or kittens that are involved in Crptokitties – its eyes, color, eyebrows, patterns, mood and other attributes that the cat may possess.

It’s also important to say that cattributes refer to the physical manifestation (phenotypes) of the kitty in question. But, at the same time, each kitty is identified with genotypes in its DNA – 256 byte genetic code capable of manifesting in the kitty’s offspring in future.

This simply means that an offspring won’t compulsorily be “orangesoda” for instance just because the parents are “Orangesoda”. It is possible for an offspring to possess cattributes that both parents do not possess.

Generations of CrptoKitties

CrptoKitties emanate from a “Generation”; going by that, when kitties are magically created (meaning they have no parents), such kitties simply belong to the “Generation 0”. Then, subsequent breeding from these “Generation 0” kitties are known as “Generation +1 – of the parents that are the youngest.

Here’s how it works;

  • Generation 1 is a derivation of Generation 0 + Generation 0

On the other hand,

  • Generation 2 is a derivation of Generation 0 + Generation 1 (this is because the youngest parent is Generation 1).

How to Buy Cryptokitties

You’re probably in a hurry to know how to buy cryptokitties. Well, it is necessary to preced this section with the explanations above, so that you can understand what crypto kitty is all about before buying. Now, you’re ready to learn how the purchase works.

So, it’s time to guide you on how to get your own crypto kitty!

To start with, don’t forget that the Ethereum blockchain is where all the cryptokitties live. Therefore, you have only one approach when it comes to buying, selling or breeding the kittens – and that one approach or way is via the Ethereum transaction. Any browser can aid you in achieving this.

Step #1 – Create a MetaMask Account

So, using Google Chrome browser, it’s time to demonstrate how to create this account. First, you will have to install the MetaMask extension. Using this extension, you are able to access the Ethereum blockchain straight from your browser, hence eliminating the hassles of syncing the blockchain.

Next; when you’re done installing the extension, open it and click to accept the terms of service which will enable you proceed to the next step. Don’t even bother reading the terms because you will definitely give up reading—so scroll all the way down and simply click “Accept”

For a first-time buyer, select “create a new account”. There’s also option for existing MetaMask account restoration. Choose the applicable option and proceed. Also, you will receive a number of random words when you’re done creating your account, which you should keep safe in case you lose your password and have to regenerate your MetaMask account.

Step #2: Purchase ETH and Send to MetaMask

You need to get some ETH to enable you purchase kitties. In this case, you should first of all think of the amount of ETH you are willing to spend; explore the CryptoKitties marketplace so that you can find out ETH price for each kitty.

There’s a decaying price format that the sales are based on; each begins at a specific price and will decay linearly to an end price overtime in the course of the sale’s duration. So, for instance, if a kitty starts at 2 ETH and terminates at 1 ETH within 24 hours, it will be available for sale at 1.5 ETH at the expiration of 24 hours (if it doesn’t get a buyer) and then 1 ETH when the 24 hours duration elapses.

Crypto Kitty is Indeed Making Waves!

Lunched towards the end of 2017, precisely November 2017, Cryptokitties are making waves. In fact, within one week of its lunch, it has wow the entire world and has flooded the Ethereum transaction network.

Once you find out the amount of ETH that you’re willing to acquire, then go ahead and get some. However, this step isn’t for you if you have ETH already. Subsequently, it will take a short time to process the transaction, then the amount of ETH you indicated will pop up in your MetaMask account.

Step #3: Create your CryptoKitties Account

This is now the time to actually create your own CryptoKitties account. Here’s how it works; you should remain signed in to MetaMask, then navigate to the Cryptokitties website. Next, get to the Sign In page and start creating your cryptokitties account using your email address and a nickname. You can always change the nickname subsequently. But in the mean time, everybody will see the nickname.

Step #4: Buy a CrptoKitty

This is the moment you’ve been longing for – actually buying your own cryptokitties! So, it’s time to find your desired kitty. Whatever generation of kitties you desire – Gen 18 or Gen 0, you will definitely find it. You can use your preferred criteria to sort and find your preferred kitty – the most expensive, cheapest, or youngest.  As soon as you identify the kitty of your dream, go ahead and hit the “Buy” button. Then, the final confirmation page will pop up; simply click “OK, buy this Kitty” – this initiates the transaction.

Once everything is confirmed to be okay, MetaMask will bring up one more confirmation page alongside some numbers such as Gas Limit, Amount, Max Transaction Fee and Max Total. Just ensure that the “Max Total” is close to the price indicated for the listed kitty – treat the rest as their default.

Bear in mind that since other users are likely to be bidding at the same time, you may lose some Gas as a result of txs failure. To help minimize this issue, you should look out for the kitties with lesser traffic and set the price (if it is quite low) using the recent “Gas Price SafeLow” Amount shown on ETH Gas Station.

If your Ether is sufficient, you should click on “Submit” to officially initiate the transaction on the Ethereum blockchain. If nothing goes wrong with the process – then congrats, you now proudly own a CryptoKitty!

If there’s issue with the transaction – you don’t have to panic. You can fix the issues and try again. Usually, you just need to swap to a less crowded MetaMask code to increase chances of successful transaction and purchase.

The Whole Essense of Owning CrptoKitties

It is obvious that the Cryptokitties are stunning digital kitties and are collectible. Yes, we all know that. But, more than just admiring and collecting these digital kitties, you can take any two kitties and breed them to create an all-new kitty that has its own name and “cattributes”! That definitely sounds great.


Once you have your CryptoKitties, you can achieve a couple of things with them. You can put your cryptokitty up for siring. Also, you can breed two cryptokitties. For people who just want to own Cryptokitties for fun, go ahead and show them off to everyone you that cares to see. And, you should also handle your digital kitty with care – who knows, your kitty can increase in wroth (in terms of more ETH).

Final thought: As with any transaction, product or service on the internet, you should invest quality time researching and learning more about Cryptokitties and their versatile uses. You will be surprised at the wealth of information you will get to know about Crypto kitties. That’s how to make quality and informed buying decision on Crypto kitties and just anything you wish to buy on the internet and even offline.

You should also endeavor to join forums and communities of CryptoKitties fans and users to learn more. Ask questions and learn more from the Cryptokitties pros themselves while on such forums or communities.




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