CryptoKitties and Blockchain

So now that you have an idea what the play behind CryptoKittiesactually looks like, it’s time to explain one of the key pieces of technology underlaying the whole premise- Blockchain. This particular technological innovation does more than power out virtual kitties in an online game. As a matter of fact, Blockchain is also the driving force behind various cryptocurrencies, a form of digital currency that’s making huge strides in various online payment systems.

Despite that potential aversion that you might feel to technical jargon, Blockchain isn’t all that complicated, at least in theory. Blockchain is simply a series of records, each one called a “block,” that are linked, secured, and encrypted, making each chain tamperproof. Each chain usually contains data such as timestamps, transaction data, links to previous blocks, and more.

The secure nature of Blockchain, combined with the accuracy in transactional history, makes Blockchain a perfect candidate for storing unique information in a safe way. This makes Blockchain perfect for keeping track of crypto currencies, such as bitcoin, or virtual kitties.
Remember that Cryptokitties are unique- no two are the same, but, with all things collectable, some are more desirable than others. Players can trade their kitties for other kitties that might have more desirable traits, or, as we’ve mentioned in another blog, breed kitties to try and pass on some of those elusive characteristics. Some Cryptokitties with highly sought-after features have even begun to demand prices in the thousands of dollars, not just for selling Cryptokitties, but as fees for breeding, as well.

Since some Cryptokitties have started to get pricey, naturally there are people that might try and capitalize on the kitties. With certain kitties and characteristics being incredibly sought-after, it could be tempting to try and digitally alter or recreate one of the more valuable kitties. Blockchain, then, is incredibly well suited for keeping track of these kitties, allowing players to make sure that their kitties, and the kitties that they might want to trade for, are completely legitimate and in no way counterfeit.

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