CryptoKitties: A Proof that Everything can – and will – be tokenized

It is most likely you’ve heard about crptokitties — and you’re wondering what the heck is this and how come it’s making so much waves online and even offline. Cryptokitty is simply a virtual game based on a blockchain. It was developed by Axiom Zen.

With cryptokitties, you can buy, collect, breed as well as sell wide varieties of virtual cats. It’s a great way of deploying block-chain technology for leisure and recreational purpose. In December 2017, the game grew so popular that it congested the Ethereum network. As a result, it attained an all-time high in terms of transactions, and then slowed down.

CryptoKitties Has Received Huge Reception

Within the short space of time it has existed, cryptokitties have crowded out some real serious and significant businesses that adopted Ethereum platform. In December 2017, report from Etherscan revealed that a six-fold increase in transactions have been recorded on the Ethereum just within one week of releasing the game.

Cryptokitties has grown so popular to the extent that it is now occupying a substantial size of space for transactions carried out on the Ethereum platform. In response to Cryptokitties, there was increase in the gas limit by Ethereum miners, making room for additional data per block as well as raising transactions on per second basis. In the same year 2017, the selling price for just a crptokitty was $100,000!

Cryptokitties – A proof of Several Possibilities

Who would have believed before now that it would be possible to breed, buy or sell virtual kitties? It’s only a proof that there are countless possibilities still on the way. While some people are still wondering how real this cryptokitty thing is, others are turning it into an investment avenue, buying and selling adorable virtual kitties.

Some dudes put it this way; “A frivolous game (referring to cryptokitties) is starting to crowd out more significant and serious business uses of the ethereum platform.”

Well, to these people, cryptokitty is merely a game. But, to the insightful people, this game combines both fun and business –or what would you call buying and selling of the virtual kitties to generate money/profit? Obviously, it is business, and serious one for that matter.

Other virtual transactions on the Ethereum have slowed down because of the massive reach out for cryptokitty. In essence, a lot of people have bought into this cryptokitty idea and as a result are massively transacting on the Ethereum platform. Consequently, other transactions that existed before the introduction of cryptokitties are receiving less attention as most people are on the pursuit of cryptokitties.

Do What You Like with Your Adorable Virtual Cats

The best part is that you have total control of your cryptokitties once you purchase them. Nobody anywhere is telling you what to do and what not to do with your cat.

As a result, you can decide to breed your crypto cat and get another generation of kitties as a result. You may also decide to just flaunt your adorable kitty just to entice your friends and others. And, if you are prone to investment, you can put up your adorable cat for sale and make some good money from your virtual cat.

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