Crypto Kitties Strategy and Tips for Successful Outcome

An Overview

Crypto Kitties is all about purchasing digital kitties and subsequently doing varieties of things with these pets you purchased. You’re probably wondering what exactly you can do with the kitties after buying them — you can decide to make new kitties from them by breeding them, and you can simply flaunt the adorable kitties as your belongings. That’s not all, the peak of the excitement with playing the crypto kitties game is when you now decide to sell your adorable digital kitties and make money from them!

This post contains not just crypto kitties strategy and tips but also all you need to know about Crypto Kitties.

The Relationship between Cryptokitties and Cryptocurrency

Unlike many other games that have been lunched prior to this time, CryptoKitties run on a blockchain. And, the storage for these digital kitties is the Eth erium Blockchain. There are a number of possibilities you can explore through the block-chain technology – typical example is the CrptoKitties.

Indeed, the worth of Crypto Kitties in monetary terms is huge! The information culled from a CNBC article reveals that more than $6.7 million worth of Crypto Kitties are sold out already, and this figure keeps going up. In fact, there’s a kitty that sold for a massive amount – $114,481.59!

Thinking of How to Play CryptoKitties?

Before you can venture into the world of Crypto Kitties, you must first purchase ETH (Etherium) tokens. Where to buy? There are a number of websites that offer the digital kitties for sale. Thereafter, you are enabled to trade USD for Etherium tokens.

The Digital Wallet – How Does it Work?

Your digital wallet is the storage for Etherium and other digital tokens. It’s just the same way you will store dollars in your normal wallet. The MetaMask is the popular wallet for Crypto Kitties game. There’s MetaMask plugin for Chrome or Firefox (popular browsers used for this purpose). However, you can choose to download the MetaMask plugin for another browser known as Brave.

So, What Happens Next After Installing the Wallet?

After installing the wallet, you get an account opened and receive a set of private keys as well as a password. Make sure you keep them safe and secure — and don’t you ever lose them! You should bear in mind that if anything happens to these access keys and password, you will lose your kitties and all of your money, and never to get them again! Yes, that’s how serious it is.

Once you’re done setting up your digital wallet, get your tokens out from the purchase point to your MetaMask wallet. Simply follow the prompts to accomplish all of these. Basically, you should plug in your MetaMask wallet address from the purchase point (website) and transfer the tokens subsequently. As soon as you successfully accomplish this step, the tokens will be in your wallet within a couple of minutes. You can also check the transaction status if the tokens are taking long to get into your wallet – it could be that the transaction is still processing.

Be Aware that Every Action in Crypto Kitties Game Costs Money

If you are just getting started with Crypto Kitties, you should bear in mind that virtually every action you take while playing the game involves ETH tokens – money. Whether you are buying new kitties, breeding kitties or even selling/listing kitties, they all involve money. Therefore, you should ensure you have sufficient tokens.

A quick piece of advice here: Based on experience, I recommend not less than 35USD or slightly less as a starting amount for the Crypto Kitties game — depending on the recent/current prices. This amount of money is sufficient to purchase a kitty (you should shop for a good deal), then you should breed the kitty. You should sell either the kitty’s offspring or the kitty itself.

And, if you want to experience an optimal starting, you should invest about $100, which would enable you buy more than one kitty. And, just like the case of buying one kitty, you should also explore different possibilities with your multiple kitties — breed, grow your kitties collection or make profit from your adorable digital kitties by selling some.

You Need Gas for ETH Transactions

There’s always a transaction cost linked with each ETH transaction. There would be a fixed cost to the transaction based on the amount of computation to be accomplished by the blockchain to process it. You will select the amount to pay for the computations and this is done by setting the Gas Price. The Gas Price is used in multiplying the number that represents the computations’ amount, so that the blockchain can determine the overall or total cost.

As at the time submission of the transaction is being carried out, the total or overall cost is yet to be known; therefore you need to set the Gas Limit as well, which is simply your preferred maximum value. Note that the Etherium will stick to the fee needed and would not charge higher than that fee; however, the transaction will not push through if the required fee is more than your set Gas Limit. But, even when the transaction fails, the blockchain will still not charge more than your set gas limit amount.

Specific Crypto  Kitties  Strategy and Tips

Tip #1: Make One Move Per Time

Your target should be to make just one move per time. Wait until the blockchain confirms at least one block, then you can go ahead and make another move. Well, waiting isn’t always fun, but it’s necessary to hang in there and wait for one transaction to push through before sending a subsequent one.

If your transaction is taking long to process, it could be that the gas price is below the amount required. In this case, you can cancel the pending transaction by making a different move that requires higher gas price – this will replace or supersede the pending transaction.

Tip #2: Finding out the Kitty that Sold and the Amount It was Sold

To determine the kitties you sold or bought, hit the internal transactions link and click on the most current “Parent TxHash”. And, to determine the kitty’s ID#, locate the Input Data box and check the content of the box.

Tip #3: Finally, to avoid network congestion, you should adopt Crypto Kitties strategy of waking up very early in the morning when most people are still sleeping (around 3:00 or 4.00am am United States time) to play Crypto Kitties. And, your gas should be set to 50-60 Gas – at least, plus your Gas Limit should be reasonably high.


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