CryptoKitties: A Beginner’s Guide

CryptoKitties has been taking the cryptocurrency world by storm the last few months. It’s never too late to get started. But trying to get into the game at this point can seem overwhelming. Don’t worry though, this guide will show you everything you need to begin your CryptoKitty adventure today.


What is CryptoKitties?

The first question is: What exactly is CryptoKitties? Well, it’s a collectible game where you buy, breed, collect, and sell different kinds of kitties. The best part is, everything runs on the Ethereum blockchain. Instead of trading fiat for crypto, you’re trading Ethereum for kitties and the things you do with them.

CryptoKitties has opened an entirely new genre of gaming. Crypto has been used to invest and buy things for years now, but no one thought to make it into a video game until now. And using kitties as the collectible was genius. After all, the internet loves cats.


How it Works

CryptoKitties is almost like Pokémon. Instead of catching kitties though, you focus on breeding them to find great combinations and make cute kitties other people want to buy or breed with. You’re still trying to catch them all in a sense. You’re just hunting for the elusive fancy cats instead of a specific Pokémon evolution.


Breeding is what makes each kitty unique. Whereas with Pokemon, each is going to look the same, every kitty bred is its own unique being, just like people. And there’s no worry about missing or stolen kitties. Every transaction in CyptoKitties is recorded on a viewable Ethereum blockchain. You can track every owner a kitty has ever had.


It’s an exciting game to play. But there are a few things to make sure you know about before starting.


What You Need

You don’t need much to get started:

-a desktop computer or laptop

-Metamask, the wallet CryptoKitties uses for transactions

-some Ethereum in your wallet


How to Start Playing

Starting isn’t hard at all. Once you have MetaMask installed, all you need to do is send ETH to that wallet. You can send it from another ETH wallet or buy from a number of different places and have it sent directly there. When you have your Ethereum transferred over, you’re ready to go. As CryptoKitties runs on the blockchain, nothing in the game is free. So you have to think about what you do, which kitties to breed, how much to sell for, etc. Everything costs you a little.


Buying and Selling

To login to CryptoKitties, you login to MetaMask first. Once you do, go over to the marketplace. There, you’ll see dozens of kitties for sale. You can sort by various categories. Youngest to oldest, least to most expensive, even by the most liked kitties. You can also click into another section called “Gen 0.”


The developers of CryptoKitties release a new kitty every 15 minutes. This is an automatic process and will continue until November of 2018. That’s thousands of fresh kitties that keep the game feeling new and exciting. These kitties are more expensive than most of the marketplace, so do your research before investing in one. However, they do come with certain benefits, like fast breeding times and occasionally new traits. So getting a couple could a smart move if you act wisely.


There’s a separate section for people who are siring their kitties. You don’t get the other kitty, but you do get to keep the offspring. Whether you get a Gen 0 or a regular kitty, once you have one or two, you can start breeding.



Breeding is a pretty straightforward process. You can buy the right to sire in the marketplace with another user’s kitty or use two of your own. To breed two of your own, all you need to do is go to the My Kitties section. From there:

-select the kitty who acts as sire

-click the breeding button

-choose another kitty to act as the mother

-approve the ETH transaction

-wait and soon you’ll have a new kitty in the My Kitties section

That’s all there is to it. Once you have your new offspring, you can either keep them or sell them in the marketplace. Two things are important to remember. First, the breeding timer of the mother kitty goes up with each offspring. That means it’ll be a little slower each time. Because any kitty can be the mother or father, it’s a good idea to switch them around to stop one kitty from slowing down too much. Second, offspring can’t breed with their parents. So to breed that offspring, you’ll need another kitty. But two kitties who have bred together before have no issue breeding again.


Can You Make Money?

A question on many people’s minds as they come into the game is whether or not there’s any money to be made. The short answer? Yes! CryptoKitties aren’t crypto themselves, but you can easily trade them for it.


How you make money is dependent on the market. Just like any other product, supply and demand drive prices up and down. What makes you a mountain of ETH today might not be a hill the next week. That being said, there are certain types that have more guaranteed returns than others.

Negato the Ninja Kitty is an example of a Fancy.

Gen 0 kitties are usually pretty good. Just hold for long enough and you’ll usually see a good return. Kitties with new traits are usually very good sellers right when the trait is discovered. But you need to be quick; once the initial excitement of newness goes down, the price drops too. Lastly, fancy cats are a good investment as well. If you can breed one, you’ll have plenty of buyers who want it. Fancy cats are some of the most popular kitties.


The Future of the Game

So where is CryptoKitties heading? Frankly, I see a bright future for the game. It was the first of its kind, a video game in the crypto sphere. Since the launch of CryptoKitties, there have been a few other similar games released. All of these games are proving whether or not crypto can have a new role of serving as a platform for gaming.


For CryptoKitties specifically, there hasn’t been any slowdown since launch and I don’t see any happening soon. The game is player driven and constantly adding new types and traits to keep up excitement. At least until the last Gen 0 is released, we will have a good level of activity in the game. After that, we’ll have to wait and see.


That’s all you really need to know to get started. Have fun breeding your kitties!




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